25th & 26th February 2021
Jakarta, Indonesia

About Conference

With high expectations & responsibilities the International Conference on Innovative Research in Engineering and Technology (ICIRET-21), will be held on 25th - 26th February 2021 at Jakarta, Indonesia. The Current research development and transformation to advanced industrial practices brought necessity to organize this knowledge event

ICIRET 2021 will inspire and welcome innovative ideas, methodologies, research findings and processes in Engineering and Technology.

With research progressing at an accelerated pace, young scholars, students, and researchers in the early stages of their career are finding it harder than ever to keep up. This conference aims at helping them get up-to-speed with all the latest advancements.

The idea of the ICIRET 2021 is to build a platform for experts, academics, technicians, scholars from global universities ,industries to converge together and present contemporary research projects that inform & illuminate delegates about the progress being made.

Theme of the Conference

International Conference on Innovative Research in Engineering and Technology (ICIRET-21), Jakarta, Indonesia, focus to identify novel developments made in Engineering and Technology with a multidisciplinary approach and rediscover growth that benefits everyone

Aimed to identify challenges, difficulties faced in adapting and application of new innovations made in respective fields.

ICIRET 2021 focused to serves as a distinctive union of networking, learning, and in one ensemble, which can catalyst individual’s development and same with society

ICIRET 2021 wanted to be an informative event for all towards universal welfare.

Objective of the Conference

Research Scholars


Industry Professionals(CEOs, CMOs, Vice-Presidents, Directors, GMs)

Practitioners (Brand Specialists, Head of Marketing)



Editorial Board Members of Journals



PhD Scholars

MBA/Msc. Students

Government Officials

Technology Experts




Each second innovation is found and expedite technology next level, it is global need to bring all stakeholders involved in multidisciplinary research for an knowledge share event, we believe ICIRET 2021, Indonesia will serve the purpose.

To Support and suggest the upcoming researchers to contribute and develop products, methods, process and more which can in turn bring benefits to all.

ICIRET 2021 main focus to build a cohesive environment comprising all contributors.

involved in innovative research..

ICIRET 2021 wanted to broadcast the recent developments in various fields and with the clear study to mitigate the factors which inhibits the growth.

Study and discuss the various multi-disciplinary researches done to accelerate the development towards Engineering and Technology.

ICIRET 2021 aimed to help business and technology experts cut through the excitement and learn how research idea successfully deployed to build competitive advantage, drive new business opportunities, reduce costs and accelerate innovation efforts.

ICIRET 2021 encourages all researchers (young and experienced) to make their research findings known to the world by submitting relevant research papers, irrespective of what specific field in Engineering and Technology, they specialize in. The authors of the best research papers will be awarded suitably.

CIRET 2021 shares incredible opportunity to have their research findings published in top journals and publications recognized and trusted globally!

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