Virtual Presentation

The central motive of the International Conference on Innovative Research in Engineering and Technology(ICIRET-2021), scheduled to take place on the 25th - 26th of February, 2021 in Indonesia is to address Innovative Research associated with the effective dispensation of all the latest knowledge being generated in the fields of engineering and technology. With technology progressing at an accelerated pace, young scholars, students and researchers in the early stages of their career are finding it harder than ever to keep up. This conference aims at helping them get up-to-speed with all the latest advancements.

The International Conference on Innovative Research in Engineering and Technology (ICIRET-21), that will be held in Indonesia held on 25th - 26th February 2021, is a unique event that will go over diverse viewpoints, theories, findings, and discoveries from students, researchers, technicians, professors, and experts. This conference will assist as a valuable program to boost consciousness concerning evolving reforms in the different areas of engineering and technology.

The expanse of experimental engineering and technology is as captivating as it is essential. In order to persist on the cutting edge, researchers in these fields are obliged to be constantly vigilant, when it comes to keeping up with the most advanced inclinations, recognizing the most constraining hurdles, and carrying out independent experimental projects.

The International Conference on Innovative Research in Engineering and Technology (ICIRET-21), is the ideal platform to promote one's standing amongst prominent experts, researchers and other groups of the academic system as well as to participate in the propagating of experience and intellectual know-how. This event presents a comprehensive occasion to do all this and more, where delegates can profit from intense learning and interfacing. Delegates are also urged to present their research papers & reports for disclosure in an assemblage of prominent publications. Every individual delegate is certain to leave this conference thoroughly inspired and full of ideas.

Theme of the Conference

International Conference on Innovative Research in Engineering and Technology (ICIRET-21), Jakarta, Indonesia, focuses to identify novel developments made in Engineering and Technology with a multidisciplinary approach and rediscover growth that benefits everyone

Aimed to identify challenges, difficulties faced in adapting and application of new innovations made in respective fields.

ICIRET 2021 is focused to serve as a distinctive union of networking, learning, and in one ensemble, which can catalyst individual’s development and same with society

ICIRET 2021 wanted to be an informative event for all towards universal welfare.