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Visa Guidelines

Over the last decade, relations between Vietnam and all other countries in the world have developed quickly in many areas—especially in tourism. The relationship between Vietnam and all other countries in Asia, America, Africa, Australia, and Europe are considered to be of strategic importance to Vietnam. With the goal of establishing the best environment for foreigners to visit and do business in Vietnam, a Vietnam Embassy has been opened in almost all foreign countries. The procedure to apply for a Vietnam visa for travelers is actually fast and convenient.

At a Vietnam Embassy, the visa procedure will take around five days to process. Visa fees will depend on the type of visa for which you are applying. Travelers can get the visa processed at any Vietnam Embassy in any country in order to enter Vietnam for tourism, business, or to visit relatives.

For more details : https://vietnamvisa.govt.vn/

For apply E-visa online : https://vietnamvisa.govt.vn/apply-online/